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Vintage Herbals Weight Loss Tea

  • Vintage Herbals Weight Loss Tea


Price : USh35,000.00(Fixed)
Type : Buy
Date : December 13, 2020
Condition : New
Warranty : No
Location : Kampala Uganda



1. Eliminates plenty of unhealthy and excess fats by melting them and flashing them out of the body.

2. Facilitates evenly distributed weight loss since it burns fats evenly across the whole body.

3. Detoxifies your body and elimimates the toxins that may be supporting fat build up in the body.

4. Breaks down fats and turns them into usable energy instead of having them laying dormant in the body.

5. The Vintage Herbal Weight Loss Tea improves flow of bile, which helps breakdown and absorb fats. 

6. Regulates appetite and reduces cravings hence helping you not to over eat during your weight loss journey.

7. Reduces the amount of water that your body is holding and causes loss of water weight through increased urination. 

8. Aside its fat burning effect, the VINTAGE HERBAL WEIGHT LOSS TEA reduces the activity of genes that promote lipogenesis (the process of development of new fat), ensuring that once the weight is shed it does not come back easily.

9. Increases Resting Energy Expenditure

 which helps you burn more calories with or without exercise for those that find exercising routines difficult.

The weight loss results are visible within the first four weeks of consistent consumption and weight loss continues as one consumes more of the VINTAGE HERBAL WEIGHT LOSS TEA and will stop as soon one stops consuming this tea.


✓Please note that this requires the consumer to drink plenty of water (2-3 liters daily) so as to facilitate the process, short of which could lead to dehydration and symptoms such as headaches and general body weakness.

✓It is advised that you regulate or stop consumption of fattening foods during the time you use this tea for good result. A continuation in eating fattening food will slow down or even totally prevent weight loss even with the tea.


PRICE: 35,000/

QTY: 100g


*Vintage Herbals – Uganda*

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*Entebbe* | Plot 83 Lower Street near Entebbe Pentecostal Church 

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*Vintage Herbals…for Skin Care, Hair Care, Weight Management, Sexual Vitality & Nutrition*


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