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Vintage Herbals Natural Hair Care

  • Vintage Herbals Natural Hair Care


Price : USh35,000.00(Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : September 15, 2020
Location : Kampala, Uganda


Hey Divas,

Are you ready to leave behind chemical relaxers and heat-styling tools to sport your natural hair? To wear your natural hair is a highly personal decision for anybody with no right or wrong way to go about it. Since it is the latest trend,many opt to big chop,chop off all of their chemically treated hair at once which doesn’t have to be the case. 

With the help of the VINTAGE REPAIR &RESTORE HAIR STIMULANT , choose to slowly grow out the chemically relaxed hair which I call the “transition.” Without the hair chipping or loosing it’s black color and body.

Transition comes with the benefit of keeping the length of your hair while the natural grows back. But since your hair has two very different textures; the chemically relaxed hair at the tips and the natural hair below, the problem of breakage, shedding and styling can come up. This is where the VINTAGE REPAIR & RESTORE HAIR STIMULANT  comes in. 

-It Helps to nourish the hair roots so as to make hair grow faster.

-It feeds the hair strands to make them strong so that they don’t break despite the difference in texture between the new growth and the old treated hair parts.

-Also improves body and volume making your mane thick and lovely.

-Enhances the hair black pigment to prevent the browning of the hair during the transition and to reverse the color damage that may have been caused during the chemical applications.

As your natural hair starts to gain length, trim off the chemically treated tips gradually until you are eventually left with only the natural hair.

*More Tips*

-STAY AWAY FROM HEAT STYLING; Excessive heat styling is dangerous as it compromises protein bonds in the hair figments. Using heat styling while transitioning can result in an uneven curl pattern, loss of curl and breakage which causes a damage that is irreversible.


-DETANGLE YOUR HAIR GENTLY; There is a line of demarcation where your natural hair meets the relaxed hair. This point is a point of weakness and can be a source of breakage during transition. For this reason, use your fingers instead of combs and brushes when detangling and styling. You might wanna get a detangler or use warm nourishing butter (also available at Vintage Herbals) to soften the hair to ease the detangling.

-ENSURE TO DEEP CONDITION YOUR HAIR; It is recommended to have weekly deep heat treatment with moisturizers and monthly protein treatment as your relaxed ends need protein to maintain strength and prevent breakage. You can also use the VINTAGE REPAIR AND RESTORE HAIR STIMULANT for hot oil treatment by applying it to wet hair on wash days, put a plastic cap and sit under a steamer for 20 to 30 minutes before styling or plaiting.

-BE PATIENT; The two different textures of your hair can be overwhelming which is why some women cut off their hair prematurely. A hasty haircut could lead to a return to the relaxer, or months of confidence issues related to your hair. Work with reasonable time lines so that you don’t get frustrated when you notice your hair not growing as fast as you expect it to.

QTY: 100ml

PRICE: Ugx 35,000



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