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Vintage Detox Green Tea

  • Vintage Detox Green Tea
  • Vintage Detox Green Tea


Price : USh20,000.00(Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : May 21, 2018
Location : Kampala, Uganda


Let’s start with the basics, as there is quite a bit of confusion around the topic of detoxing. A detox aims to help the body rid itself of toxins, bad cholesterol and acid. Ofcourse, the human body has many natural detox pathways via the liver, urine, sweat and feces. While it is a complex process, the liver neutralizes toxic substances, and then releases them from the body.
Many health experts agree that toxic load (the amount of toxins our body is able to handle) is responsible for a considerable amount of diseases in modern day society.

The toxins come from the food we eat and drink. And it doesn’t stop at food. Personal hygiene and home care products are often laden with toxic chemicals that can be harmful to our health. 

Some signs of a toxic overload include:

• constipation
• bloating
• gas
• headaches
• fatigue
• aches and pains
• nausea
• belly fat
• skin problems
• food cravings
• low energy
• Ulcers 
• bad breath
• Recurring throat and vaginal infections 
• mood swings
• Liver and kidney failure 
• Hormonal imbalances 

*Now, let’s take a closer look at the many benefits that come with using the VINTAGE DETOX GREEN TEA;*

1. VINTAGE DETOX GREEN TEA helps the body’s vital organs to rest and recover, supporting and increasing liver function, and give you a “boost” of important micronutrients.

2.Removes Toxins from the Body (and Cleanses the Liver) coming from 
Environmental pollutants, pesticides, heavy metals and chemicals that are stored in our tissues and cells. This affects immune system function, our mood, metabolism and our ability to fight disease; in fact, symptoms of poor health in people free from diagnosed disease may also be related to toxin buildup.

3. Increase energy levels throughout the day.
While too much toxins in the body might cause some fatigue, many people report feeling improved and more sustained energy during and after taking this Detox green tea in their daily routines. 

4. Controls cravings (specifically to aid weight loss and belly fat burning);

It is a myth that cravings are controllable with just will-power alone. The truth is, cravings are based in hormonal imbalances, and need to be addressed and controlled as such. Cravings significantly impact binge eating and weight gain. So taking the VINTAGE DETOX GREEN TEA is a smart detox choice to nip these cravings in the bud hence reducing the quantity of food consumed daily.

5. Curbing food addiction;

Food addiction is serious business, and is more than just your standard food cravings. Like any alcohol or drug addiction, people who are more biochemically prone to addiction can become addicted to food and junk food manufacturers take full advantage of this by placing chemically addictive substances in their products. For individuals with a high level of dopamine receptors, they can become addicted to food just as they would get addicted to a drug, as modern-day junk foods create a surge of dopamine to be released in the brain (similarly to cocaine, for example).
The VINTAGE DETOX GREEN TEA focuses on eliminating addictive foods and chemicals and can greatly support recovering from a food craving . Again, addiction is serious and should not be confused with less problematic cravings.

6. Manages stress;

A study published in Clinical Endocrinology found a link between high cortisol levels and fatty liver disease. Cortisol is our main stress hormone released during times of acute and chronic stress. When levels are higher than normal over a long period of time, this can cause a host of problems, including decreased liver function. By drinking the VINTAGE DETOX GREEN TEA, you will hormonally help to regulate cortisol levels, therefore actually working to manage stress on a chemical level.

7.Reduces and prevents Inflammation;

When you cleanse the liver with the VINTAGE DETOX GREEN TEA, it gives your digestion system a chance to rest hence reducing disease-causing inflammation and swelling within your body While easing your digestive system.

8.Aid Weight Loss;
The VINTAGE DETOX GREEN TEA erodes fats and bad cholesterol from the body and increased metabolism hence enabling one to reduce the belly and lose some weight.

9.Promote Skin Health;

When the skin becomes clogged with pollutants and chemicals, it leads to wrinkles, dryness , pimples, acne and other signs of aging.
However By using the VINTAGE DETOX GREEN TEA, you eliminate toxins from the body that were previously clogging the skin hence boosting skin health and minimizing the signs of aging and other skin conditions.
So if you are struggling with persistent bad skin conditions, you might wanna try detox your body instead of jumping to none responsive chemicals in attempt to clear your skin.

A major part of any good detox should be adequate hydration with clean water, and studies show that even mild dehydration (a fluid loss of under 3%), frequently causes headaches, anxiety, mood disorders and decreased cognitive performance if one doesn’t take enough water during the detox process.

NB: It is helpful to prepare yourself with health information by researching and always consult your doctor before taking herbal remedies or changing your health routine.

PRICE: Ugx 20,000 tea, Ugx 30,000 capsules

*Vintage Herbals* | Shop No. 46 | Grand Imperial Hotel Shopping Mall | Kampala, Uganda | +256 782 312 190 | +256 751 646 179 | +256 772 644 349 |
*Vintage Herbals … for Skin Care, Hair Care, Weight Management, Sexual Vitality & Nutrition*

*Vintage Herbals* | Shop No. 46 | Grand Imperial Hotel Shopping Mall | Kampala, Uganda | +256 782 312 190 | +256 751 646 179 | +256 772 644 349 |
*Vintage Herbals … for Skin Care, Hair Care, Weight Management, Sexual Vitality & Nutrition*


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