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Price : USh50,000.00(Fixed)
Type : Sell
Date : August 4, 2019
Warranty : No
Location : Kampala, Uganda


Men have historically kept quiet about certain health conditions that are often perceived as taboo such as prostate health and erectile dysfunction, which are growing concerns. While the average man can produce so many sperm multiple times per day, there are several factors that lower the number of sperm. External factors such as smoking, drug usage, poor diet, masturbation, alcohol, some medicines and lack of exercise all decrease sperm count. More factors include; Heat, Obesity, long hours of sitting, Very frequent intercourse which can lead to the demand exceeding the supply, stress and fatigue can all potentially interfere with sperm production and erectile functioning.

 However, with greater awareness VINTAGE HERBALS has the VINTAGE MAN-PLUS MALE APHRODISIAC to help with such health challenges. It is used to treat ual dysfunction such as poor or no erection as well as to enhance ual behavior, libido, and copulatory performances in men by improving sperm motility, and seminal volume, as well as sperm quality of both healthy individuals and patients with treatment-related infertility. It also has a prostate-reducing effect, improves ual desire and works as a brain relaxant hence controlling stress levels.


Summary of Benefits

1. Increases zinc which is vital in male reproductive & ual functionality
2. Boosts libido
3. Enhances erectile functionality
4. Improves sperms health
5. Improves sperm count
6. Brain relaxation
7. Stress relief
8. Improves blood flow

QTY: 100g

PRICE: Ugx 50,000/-

PRODUCED BY: Vintage Herbals


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