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Price : USh15,000.00(Fixed)
Date : August 3, 2019
Location : Kampala, Uganda


COMMON NAME: Gunja seeds

BOTANICAL NAME; Abras Precatorius


WESTERN UGANDA; Amarunga / Oburunga

Rosary Pea commonly known as Gunja or Abras Precatorius is a herbaceous flowering plant in the bean family Fabaceae. It is a slender, perennial climber with long, pinnate-leafleted leaves that twines around trees, shrubs, and hedges.

The plant is best known for its red and black colored seeds, which are used as beads and in percussion instruments, and which are toxic because of the presence of a substance called abrin. Ingestion of a single seed, well chewed, can be fatal to both adults and children.However swallowing the seed whole is safe (though not as effective in benefits) whereas chewing the seed can cause poisoning with symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, trouble breathing and in worst cases heart disease or death.

The antidote for gunja seed poisoning is Dodo juice(amaranth-juice ) mixed with sugar.

The plant is native to a number of tropical areas and has a tendency to become weedy and invasive where it has been introduced.
Much as the seeds are toxic, this plant surprisingly has medicinal benefits from consuming or topical (external) application of its leaves and seeds. The seeds become safe to ingest if detoxified (detoxification procedure below).

Place the seeds in a pure cotton pouch or piece of cotton cloth and place it in a pan of fresh milk. Boil for 3 hours and after drain and leave then to dry (please DO NOT consume the milk used for detoxification).
Once the detoxified seeds are dry then you can powder and use as desired.

During detoxification, the toxic elements ( totalbumins) present in the seeds break down during the heat treatment and desolve into the milk hence eliminating the poison.

The gunja leaves as well as the detoxified gunja seeds can be ground and mixed with several things that include water, milk or sesame oil and consumed for benefits below;

The gunja leave and/or detoxified seeds powder are used as an aphrodisiac to improve ual functionality in both men and women.

In women, add hot water to the powdered leaves or the detoxified leaves powder and steep for a few minutes then drink once a day to improve ual urge and ual lubrication fluids. Add honey to improve taste and potency.

The women can also add pure honey to the powdered leaves and douche into the vagina to unblock vaginal pores for better vaginal fluid flow and to improve pH which in turn brings desired warmth in the area and eliminates infection causing yeasts.

In men, mix the gunja seeds powder with hot milk to make a tea and drink to treat weak erection, premature ejaculation,improve sperm and prostate health, libido, erectile strength and erectile muscle health.

2.Treats eczema and psoriasis;
mix the detoxified gunja seeds powder with sesame oil to make a paste or infuse and drain oil that can be used to smear on the skin daily for treatment of eczema and psoriasis symptoms. Also relieves skin allergies, chicken pox and insect bites.

3.The seeds powder infused into sesame oil can be externally applied to relieve muscle spams snd aches whereas the seeds powder mixed with hot water can be drank for the same purpose.

4.For relief of Anthritis pain, back ache, nerve pains and stiff neck just infuse the detoxified gunja seeds powder into sesame oil or any aromatherapy oil of your choice and externally apply to the painful area for relief.

5.Stroke and Paralysis:
Make a mixture of gunja seeds and leaves powder and add hot milk to make a tea then give to the paralyzed person daily. Should see improvement within averagely 7 days of consistent consumption. This same mixture treats snake poisoning for the same amount of time.

6.Alopecia and hair loss:
Either add water to detoxified seeds powder and/ or leaves powder to make a paste or infuse into sesame oil to make an oil, apply this to the scalp daily to stimulate fresh hair growth. Consistency is required here for faster results.

7.the gunja seeds/ leaves powder be made into a tea by added to hot water and honey can also be used to treat cough and chest congestion and in high doses can act as a sedative in cases of insomnia.

8.Oil infused with detoxified gunja seeds powder can also be applied every night for treatment of acne.

Please note that any consumption should not exceed one teaspoon (small spoon) per day and even less for children. Excess consumption and overdose can cause the following side effects:

-Delay in blood clotting.
-tummy ache


-Pregnancy and breastfeeding mothers 
-people with ulcers 
-people that have just had surgery since it can increase bleeding.

With any other health conditions consult your physician before use.

QTY: 100g

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